Shoes to Wear with Dresses: Styling Tips for Petite Women


Are you looking for shoe inspirations to wear with dresses as a petite woman? If so, you’re in luck. This post runs through all the tips you need to look your best. 

When wearing shoes with dresses, you need to consider proportions, heel height, dress length, and petite shoe style. All these factors can massively impact your overall vibe and appearance. 

Officially, the cut-off point for petite women is 5 foot 4 inches, regardless of dress size. However, definitions vary. If you think you’re petite, feel free to use these tips however you want. 

So, without further ado, here’s our styling advice for petite women wanting to know what petite shoes to wear with dresses

  1. Experiment With Shoe Styles 

Our first tip is to experiment with various shoe styles until you find those that suit your personality and figure. As you keep trying new things, you’ll eventually land on something you love. 

As a petite woman, heels are the obvious choice. These lengthen the leg and give the impression of a shorter body. 


Heels and long dresses make petite legs look longer



However, other shoe types work well with your dresses. Flats make you look cute and innocent. Small size Ballet flats, oxfords, and loafers are all options. You can also experiment with stylish trainers from well-known brands. These give you a sporty, funky appearance. 


petite size flats enhance legs


Lastly, boots can work. These add volume to your lower body and can give you a punk or gothic edge. However, too much bulk can take away from femininity.



2. Take Care With Ankle Straps

We recommend when choosing ankle strap shoes with dresses as a petite woman to definately buy only from brands who understand petite feet. That’s because it can make you look shorter if not sympathetically proportioned.


Click  the pic to see our collection of ankle stap shoes designed especially for women with petite feet.


ankle straps for petite feet shoes work well if designed correctly



If you love straps, wear petite size high heels with a pointed tip. These lengthen the leg, helping extend it below the hem of the dress.



point toe petite shoes make legs look longer



3. Wear Shoes That Complement Your Dress’s Length

You also want to wear shoes that work well with the length of your dress as a petite woman. Generally, the shorter the dress, the higher the heels. Exposing more of your legs makes lengthening them more necessary.



high strappy heels make for long legs in short skirts



Likewise, the longer the dress, the flatter your heels can be. 


longer dresses make flater petite shoes more viable



Just be careful if you are wearing a long dress that drags along the floor. Wearing flats can increase the risk of tripping.


5. Consider Proportions

Another pro tip is to consider your proportions when choosing shoe types. Wearing petite flats can balance your appearance if you have a short torso. Likewise, heels might be a better option if you have a longer torso because they lengthen the legs.


6. Add Extra Heel Height

Finally, you might want to wear super high stilettos, kitten heels, or wedges to help you look taller when wearing a dress of any type as a petite woman. Adding height can help with symmetry by lengthening the legs.


petite size high platforms great for adding leg length



Experts sometimes recommend limiting heel height to three inches. However, you can get much higher than this by combining platforms with heels. 

So, there you have it: our styling tips for petite women. Which of these petite size fashion shoes will you try?