As a professional woman that’s 50 and very petite, I’ve tried and tested so many different fashion trends. In this journey I have found 5 essential shoe styles that compliment every single outfit in my wardrobe. The best part? Every single shoe is versatile, comfortable and most importantly, super stylish. So I thought I’d do my bit and share them with you so that you can enjoy them too.

  1. Low heeled mules/slingback

Last summer I experienced a fashion epiphany and literally lived in my HAZEL - CLASSIC LEATHER MULES. I’ve never really been someone who wears heels during the day, but these mules completely transformed my view. They are so comfortable, which means it doesn’t matter if I’m at work or going to brunch with the girls, I never end up with sore feet. Whether I’m wearing a midi dress or casual jeans, they add a sophisticated touch that I’ve never had before. Because they're creamy leather in colour, they add a touch of elegance and sophistication to anything I’m wearing.


petite size leather mules




 I also fell in love with ESTOI - LEATHER MULES and the OBRIM - DENIM FABRIC SANDAL. Each of them brings a unique charm to any outfit. The ESTOI mules are perfect for any professional meetings or high-end evening events I have to attend. Whereas the OBRIM gives me a more relaxed vibe and is perfect for any weekend outings with the family.

small size denim fabric mules



small size denim mule




small size leather mules





  1. Dress down sneakers

Overall my wardrobe is pretty smart, so it took me a while to get on board with embracing petite trainers outside of a gym setting. But, once I did, they immediately became indispensable. I find that they effortlessly dress down what is normally a very smart outfit which gives me a cool and collected look. My suits paired with trainers give me a modern vibe, and when I pair them with a floaty dress I get an edgy look that’s super fashionable.

My absolute favourites are the Ready or Not Gold star Leather Sneakers

- I actually have two pairs. One has a gold star and the other is plain leather. I love both pairs and they stand out in their own way. I definitely recommend trainers for those who haven’t tried it. Plus, they’re so comfortable!

petite leather sneakers for women

Ready or Not Gold star Leather Sneakers


small feet loafers

Ready or Not Gold star Leather Sneakers


small womens white leather trainers

Ready or Not Gold star Leather Sneakers


  1. Classic loafers

I’ve owned so many pairs of loafers or brogues (the “old faithfuls” in my wardrobe), so it’s safe to say they’re a long standing favourite of mine. They are always stylish and polish off any look with ease. And, let’s not forget how comfortable they are. What’s great about them is that if I bought a pair today they would still look amazing in 5 years time. I absolutely love the Barfred loafers that are available in so many colours it’s difficult to choose when I come to buy a new pair. They go with absolutely everything and enhance any outfit I choose.


petite flat loafers

Barfred loafers


small size loafers in many colours


Barfred loafers



  1. Classic Knee boots and ankle boots 

If heeled mules are my go to in the summertime, then heeled ankle boots are my go to in the autumn and winter months. Living in the UK you can only guarantee one thing; the weather is really unpredictable, so it’s important to have some staple boots to rely on. My most cherished pair is the Inga black leather ankle boots. While yes they do have quite a heel on them, they are surprisingly comfortable and match well with many outfits like midi dresses or a pair of flared jeans. They’re a great way to add some height, especially for someone like me who is very petite and often finds myself lost in the crowd. 

I also should mention another solid favourite is my knee-high MAEVE - LEATHER KNEE BOOT. They have become a constant in my daily wear. They’re just as comfortable as my other boots and are really stylish which makes it easy to pair them with almost any outfit. Plus, what woman doesn’t need a knee high pair of boots?   



small size black leather ankle boots

Inga black leather ankle




  1. Timeless heels - a must have!

Finally, your shoe collection isn’t complete without some classic petite leather pumps in black or beige. These colours are perfect for any occasion as they match with pretty much anything. My favourites are the Mainz in Black and Beige, as well as the Bramare and Hemery pumps. Whether I’m attending a business meeting or a social event, these pumps never disappoint because they give me both comfort and style. If you don’t have them in your shoe collection, I definitely recommend investing in some.


lavender leather pumps

Hemery lavender pumps


beige leather pumps

Hemery beige Pumps


black petite pumps

Mainze Black Pumps


beige high pumps

Mainze beige high pumps


classic black pumps

Bramare Black Pumps - CLASSIC


I hope my suggestions help you out if you’re looking for shoes that are stylish and comfortable.