The Classic Petite Dilemma: The Struggle to Find Perfect Size 2 High Heels

As someone with petite size 2 feet, I know firsthand how challenging it can be to find high heels that not only fit but also feel comfortable and look stylish. The quest for the perfect pair of high heels is often riddled with frustrations and setbacks. In this blog post, I’ll dive into the complexities of finding well-fitting size 2 high heels, share some personal anecdotes, and offer tips for those navigating this petite footwear labyrinth.


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The Limited Availability

One of the primary challenges in finding size 2 high heels is their sheer rarity. Most mainstream shoe brands start their sizing at 5 or 6, leaving those of us with smaller feet out of luck. Even brands that do cater to smaller sizes often treat them as a niche market, resulting in limited styles and stock.

Walking into a shoe store and asking for a size 2 often leads to sympathetic smiles and a quick shake of the head. The options available online can be equally discouraging, with many styles either sold out or not produced in such small sizes to begin with. It’s a constant battle between finding something that fits and settling for styles that aren’t quite what you wanted.

Obviously here at Pretty Small Shoes it is no problem at all to find glamorous and stylish heels size 2 but this post is designed to be found by people who don't yet know this super useful fact. 


The Fit Issues

Even when you manage to find high heels in size 2, the fit isn’t always perfect. Due to the design and structure of high heels, even a minor discrepancy in size can result in discomfort or pain. Here are some common fit issues petite feet face with high heels:

1. Slippage: Smaller feet can easily slip out of heels, especially those with open backs or peep toes. This not only makes walking difficult but can also cause blisters and sores from the constant friction.

2. Pinching: Conversely, some high heels might pinch at the toes or the sides, causing immediate discomfort. This can be particularly problematic with pointed-toe styles or shoes that have narrow designs.

3. Lack of Support: High heels are notorious for offering little support, but this problem is magnified for those with small feet. The arch support and cushioning often don’t align correctly, leading to foot fatigue and pain.


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The Style Sacrifice

For many, fashion is about choice and expression, but for those with size 2 feet, it often feels like a compromise. While larger sizes can browse through an array of designs, colors, and heel heights, petite sizes are frequently limited to basic styles that may not reflect current trends or personal tastes.

I recall a particularly frustrating experience when I was searching for a pair of elegant, strappy sandals for a friend’s wedding. While my friends with average-sized feet found their perfect pairs effortlessly, I scoured countless stores and websites, only to end up with a pair that was too plain and didn’t match my dress. The sense of settling for something less than ideal is a common theme for those with petite feet.

The Cost Factor

When you do find that elusive pair of size 2 high heels that checks all the boxes, be prepared to pay a premium. Custom-made shoes or those from specialty retailers often come with a hefty price tag. This is due to the economies of scale—producing smaller sizes in limited quantities is more costly for manufacturers.

Additionally, shipping costs for returns can add up if the fit isn’t right, which is often the case when ordering online. The trial-and-error process can become an expensive endeavor, making the already challenging search even more daunting.

Tips for Finding the Perfect Pair

Despite the challenges, finding the perfect pair of size 2 high heels is possible with some persistence and a few strategic approaches. Here are some tips that have worked for me:


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1. Seek Out Specialty Brands: There are a few brands that cater specifically to petite sizes. Brands like Cinderella of Boston, Pretty Small Shoes, and Nordstrom’s Petite Shop offer a range of stylish options in smaller sizes.

2. Custom-Made Shoes: If your budget allows, consider investing in custom-made shoes. Brands like Shoes of Prey and True Gault used to offer bespoke services where you can design your own heels and ensure a perfect fit but they have both gone bust - oh well.

3. Use Inserts and Pads: Shoe inserts, heel grips, and cushioned pads can make a world of difference in achieving a better fit. These products help prevent slippage, add cushioning, and improve overall comfort.

4. Visit Children’s Sections: Sometimes, children’s shoes, especially for older kids, offer styles that mimic adult designs. Brands like Zara Kids and Steve Madden Kids have trendy options that might fit petite feet but you have probably already tried that and found that pretty much they always still look like kids items and will be no good for you.

5. European Brands: European sizing can sometimes offer a better fit for petite feet. Sizes like 32 or 33 in European brands often correspond to a US size 2. Brands like Geox and Rieker have stylish options that might work. But the problems with supply are still there and there are not many available

6. Regularly Check Online Retailers: Websites like Amazon, Zappos, and Asos regularly update their stock. Setting alerts for size 2 availability can help you snag a pair before they sell out. You can try this for sure but they tend to be the lowest quality and not really viable if you have a job like being a lawyer or similar.


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The Joy of the Perfect Fit

Despite the hurdles, the joy of finding the perfect pair of high heels that fit well and look fabulous is unparalleled. There’s a certain magic in slipping into shoes that make you feel confident and stylish, even if it took a marathon search to find them.

In conclusion, finding size 2 high heels is no small feat (pun intended). It requires patience, creativity, and sometimes a bit of luck. While the journey can be frustrating, the reward of finally finding that perfect pair makes it all worthwhile. For my fellow petite-footed fashionistas, keep the faith and happy shopping! Your perfect heels are out there, waiting to be found right here at pretty small shoes