Cinderella Of Boston Vs Pretty Small Shoes - Comparison Review

Cinderella Of Boston Review

Size 4 Heels are a the most common petite US Size. Only about 1% of adult women have feet that can be classified as `petite` or `small` and this means that mainstream manufacturers don't produce little shoe styles in any meaningful quantities.

Finding retailers of small size shoes is therefore a difficult process for customers and only a few reputable brands exist. Probably the most well-known companies with websites selling shoes for small feet are Cinderella Boston and Pretty Small shoes.

To help you discover the best sites for you that sells shoes for ladies with small feet we have made this handy comparison page so that you can see at a glance what these two leading small shoe brands have to offer along with a brief history of each company.

Everything You Need To Know About Cinderella Of Boston.

Trading for over 70 years they have obviously been a leading player in women's petite fashion footwear for a very long time and this means they have experience stretching back into the 50's.

They sell shoes in sizes that range from USA 2 and up to USA 5½. They also stock a variety of widths including medium or wide and they assert that their designs are crafted for a petite woman's foot. In their on-site information section they say they believe regardless of the age or lifestyle of the customer, they have styles to suit all their fashion requirements.

From Casual up to sophisticated, shoes with low heels right up to shoes with high heels, Cinderella of Boston believe they have styles to answer all petite women's footwear demands. They produce a printed fall catalog and spring catalog regularly which they can mail to customers.

The Best Things About Pretty Small Shoes.

Pretty Small Shoes was developed primarily to satisfy the very urgent need of small footed women to be able to buy fashionable shoes and styles of petite shoes that were on-trend and attractive.

Prior to the company being formed in 2009 there were several small to medium brands offering small size shoe products but these tended to be based on styles that had not been changed for many years and this meant that younger petite footed ladies could not buy shoes that worked well with contemporary clothing trends. Therefore the brand was started with the aim of offering as many styles as possible and it now delivers over 700 options.

This was achieved initially by hand-making all shoes and whilst this made it possible to offer a huge number of styles in up to the minute fashions it also meant that whilst the shoes were very high quality they were no truly budget options in the range. However since 2013 they have offered low cost options in the £69.00 / CH ₣90.36/£100.00 / CH ₣130.95 range to satisfy this market sector and now have over 50 bargain price petite shoes styles to offer ladies with small feet.

Cinderella Of Boston and Pretty Small Shoes Key Comparison Points

Features Cinderella Of Boston Pretty Small Shoes
Sizes Offered USA 2-5.5 USA 2-5.5 (uk 13-3) EU 32-35
Years Trading 70 years 8 years
Location USA UK
Physical Shop Yes Yes
On-line Shop Yes Yes
Print Catalog Yes No
Styles offered Around 70 Over 700
Wedding styles 3-4 Around 45
Boots/Ankle Boots 3-4 Over 250
Refund Policy 30 days 60 days
Hand-Made/Customization No Yes
Typical Lowest Price £30.00 / CH ₣39.29/£40.00 / CH ₣52.38 £69.00 / CH ₣90.36/£100.00 / CH ₣130.95
Typical average Price £40.00 / CH ₣52.38/£60.00 / CH ₣78.57 £130.00 / CH ₣170.24/£190.00 / CH ₣248.81
Typical Highest Price £89.00 / CH ₣116.55/£130.00 / CH ₣170.24 £600.00 / CH ₣785.72/£850.00 / CH ₣1,113.10
International Shipping Yes Yes
Mobile friendly website No Yes
Petite shoe size guide Yes Yes
Dedicated customer services Yes Yes

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If you would like to visit the Cinderella Of Boston website then simply type their name into any major search engine.  

If you would like to start shopping on the Pretty Small Shoes website then simply click here Shop Pretty Small Shoes Styles.