Size Guide

We carefully hand-make each shoe to standard UK sizes
However regional size ranges do not compare exactly 
and so we also give you the internal length of our shoes
to compare to the actual size of your feet.
UK 13 1 2 2.5 3
Europe 32 33 34 34.5 35
USA 2 3 4 4.5 5
Approx. Internal
210mm 215mm 220mm 225mm 230mm
Approx. Internal
187mm 191mm 195mm 199mm 203mm



Unfortunately we aren't able to offer different width fittings.

For any customer who needs a wider fitting we usually advise to choose a size up (with maybe heel grips) and for 90% of customers the seems to be a viable solution.

All our shoes are made to a standard width fitting as per below:-

The approx. circumference (at the widest part of the shoe)

of each size is as follows :-

32 - 187mm

33 - 191mm 

34 - 195mm 

34.5 - 199mm 

35 - 203mm 

Deviation by design plus/minus 4mm


the best thing though is to measure your feet as per the instructions below and use this figure to choose the most appropriate size for you. Simple!

How to get the perfect fit

Downloadable Size Guide

Top 10 Fitting Tips
  • Allow for c. 5mm extra 'wriggle' room for your toes.
  • Higher heels will put higher pressure on your toes.
  • Round toe shapes leave more room than pointed toe shapes.
  • Measure feet at the end of the day when they are largest.
  • Everyone's foot is different, try to choose styles that match your foot shape.
  • Make sure that the ball part of your foot fits snugly into the widest point of the shoe.
  • Don't choose a size that fits tight and hope they will stretch later.
  • Select a size that allows your feet to fit in easily with minimal slipping when walking.
  • Take plenty time to try your shoes at home on a carpeted surface to make sure they feel right.
  • Lower heel are better to wear over long periods.
  • The generally accepted max height for 'reasonable' comfort is 7cm.
  • Over time the 'conditioning' of your feet may allow you to wear higher heels but this 'training' period may take some time.



Sizing of shoes is by nature a somewhat inexact process. Styles of shoes can effect `fit` considerably (for example point-toe high heels will `fit` very differently to flat round-toe boots in the same size).


Also individual foot shapes greatly affect fit (for example one person with size UK 2 feet may have much longer toes than another person who also has size UK 2 feet).


For this reason we expressly offer no guarantee whatsoever that shoes in the `correct` size for you will fit.


Unfortunately physically trying shoes is the only way to discover if a size in a certain style will work for you. It is for this reason that we happily allow customers to buy even hand-made-to-order shoes in multiple sizes and to return for full refund any of them still in un-worn condition that they don't want to keep for up to 30 days from receipt.


Also some shoes you receive from us may have a stamp on the sole that is different to the size they are sold as. This is because in certain far-east countries the declared numerical size for EU shoe lengths is different to shoes made in the EU (e.g. a 230mm shoe in South Korea is declared at EU 36 but in Europe it is typically stamped 35).

By agreeing our terms and conditions you agree to accept that fit is not guaranteed and that certain shoes may be stamped one size higher or lower than the length would normally correspond to for a shoe made in the EU.



How to get the right fit.

At Pretty Small Shoes we can also make you a fantastic pair of small size boots with the added benefit of matching the boot to your CALF CIRCUMFERENCE AND LEG LENGTH How to measure your legs

This service is available on most of our boots and all you need to do is mail us with your measurements as above immediately after purchase and we will confirm everything with you before making your boots. There is no extra cost for tailor-making your boots in this way but you should bear in mind that tailor-made boots are non-returnable for any reason except manufacture fault. (margin for shoemaker accuracy c. +/- 0.5cm) If you prefer you can order any boot in its STANDARD DIMENSION and these will be completely returnable and refundable as normal for up to 60 days after purchase.

Size 2 shoes for women are very hard to find.

Women with small feet are around 1% of the adult female population and so mainstream manufacturers won’t make shoes in this size leaving only specialist shoemakers to fill the gap.

However, if you are looking around the internet for options you need to be on your guard as there are lots of mainstream retailers claiming to be able to supply size 2 heels and shoes without actually having TRUE size 2’s to sell you and you can find that you spend a lot of time buying small shoes over the internet only to find they aren’t really small at all and you have to send them back and start all over again. This can be very annoying.

To be fair to these retailers there is a certain amount of vagueness to the issue of shoe sizing so that from country to country and from brand to brand sizings can indeed vary quite a lot. This means that what is a size 2 as claimed by one retailer often does not match a size 2 as far as another is concerned and neither is really wrong as such.

However, it is also the case that some retailers deliberately mis-state either the translations of sizes internationally or claim that shoes of a certain length are size 2’s when they are not.

For example:

Claiming that a UK size 2 is the same as a EU 35 (it’s not, a 35 is more like a size 3 UK).

Claiming that a UK size 2 is approx. 230mm long (it’s not, it should be more like 220mm).

In either case they will claim they have a shoe size 2 for you and it will be about 10mm longer than you need. And when you have small feet, 10mm is a lot!

Here at Pretty Small Shoes have sold tens of thousands of pairs of small size shoes over the last 8 years and have a very clear idea of what the vast majority of women regard as a TRUE SIZE 2 and so we have gathered together here all the info we can find about the ACTUAL sizes that other retailers are offering compared to our true sizes to help you choose a better fit, no matter who you are buying from (whether it’s us or another retailer) and we will be backing this up with real testing of everyone’s sizes using a panel of small feet ladies from our customer base to make sure we really know what’s going on.

We’ll also review this info every 6 months or so to make sure the data is kept up to date.

So all you need to do is check out the handy chart below which gives the generally recognized true size comparisons across countries and also the `true` (ie actual approx. mm length) sizes of small size shoes from the main shoe retailers claiming to offer size 2’s that show for top internet searches (note: often when you click through to the pages they have no size 2 shoes on offer at all).

Also, if you have a significant retailer you would like to let us know about and want us to add them to our list and test the sizes we’ll to try to help you out with that.

International petite shoe size comparison charts by key brands.

Note: where a size has an asterisk* it indicates an implied size where no actual size has been given by the brand size chart.

Pretty Small Shoes


13 1 2 2.5 3
Europe 32 33 34 34.5 35
USA 2 3 4 4.5 5
Approx. Internal Length 210mm 215mm 220mm 225mm 230mm


The Little Shoe Shop


13 1 2 2.5 3
Europe 31.5* 32.5 33.5 34 34.5
USA 2.5 3 4 4.5 5
Approx. Internal Length n/a mm n/a mm n/a mm n/a mm n/a mm


Cinderella of Boston


13 1 2 2.5 3
Europe 31.5* 32.5 33.5 34 34.5
USA 2 3 4 4.5 5
Approx. Internal Length n/a mm n/a mm n/a mm n/a mm n/a mm


Clarkes Shoes


2 2.5 3
Europe 34.5* 35* 35.5*
USA 4.5 5 5.5
Approx. Internal Length n/a mm n/a mm n/a mm n/a mm n/a mm


New Look


2 3
Europe 35* 36*
Approx. Internal Length n/a mm n/a mm n/a mm n/a mm n/a mm


River Island


2 3
Europe 35* 36
Approx. Internal Length n/a mm n/a mm n/a mm n/a mm n/a mm



 UK 2 3
Europe 35 36
Approx. Internal Length n/a mm n/a mm n/a mm n/a mm n/a mm