1. Flares have made a huge come back this season with the 70’s vibe all over the catwalk. They are the perfect wardrobe staple to make you look taller too! Make sure they are fitted on top right until it starts to flare. They should stop at the top of your high heels. To give you optimum length. chunky heeled shoes like Adela are  the ultimate 70’s heel!
  2. Wear high waisted trousers. Long tops give the illusion of longer torso. So try the reverse and make your legs never ending. Making sure you tuck your top in to accentuate your silhouette.
  3. Choose shoes cut low at the front like The One, to show more of the top of your foot/toe cleavage. This helps lengthen your legs. Or at least gives other people the illusion.
  4. Shoes with ankle straps makes your legs look shorter.  The straps draw attention to your ankle, thus stopping the illusion of long legs. If you must wear shoes with ankle straps, pair them up with short skirts/shorts. As more leg is shown.
  5. Avoid horizontal lines, opt for vertical line to draw the eyes up and down the body instead of across. Anything with vertical piping, straight creases, pinstripes will all help with this look
  6. Try to wear either long or short items on the bottom half. Try avoid anything that cuts at mid calf as this is the thickest part of the legs and will make you look shorter.
  7. Wearing asymmetric dresses will help lengthen your height due to the elongation cut. One side being shorter than the other.
  8. Avoid baggy/ill fitting clothes. This will not only drown you but will also make you look wider, thus taking inches of your height or at least appear to.
  9. If you are wearing jeans that are too long for you. DO NOT roll them up. This works in exactly the same way as ankle straps. The different colour of the roll up cuts your legs at the ankles.
  10. Nude/skin toned shoes such as Classic-Yvonne, gives the illusion of length as it gives an uninterrupted line to the legs. This also works if you are wearing black stockings with black shoes.

By now you should be an expert as to how to look taller.

let us know your top tips for looking taller in the comments section!

Lots of love,

The PSS team x