Returns & Exchanges

Returns Policy


- You can return any shoes in un-worn condition for exchange, credit note or refund for up to 30 days from the date you received the shoes.

We do not offer free returns, customers pay the cost of shipping for all returns and the items remain your property until they are successfully received at our office. However, if shoes are exchanged we don't charge you any shipping for any items we send back out to you. 

Any returned items should be wrapped in the way they were delivered, individually in tissue and then as a pair in the polythene bag which should be sealed with tape. (do not put shoes inside the cloth shoe bag)

Any shoes returned to us that have been damaged in transit due to unsafe wrapping or by rubbing together will not be eligible for return.

Please note we do not refund you the cost of delivery to you or the cost of any returns to as our shoes are essentially, bespoke to you, made-to-order styles.

All refunds requests will be processed within c. 15 working days and although funds will leave our account on the day of refund they may take a further time to clear in your own account as individual banks clearing processes are variable. Please contact your own bank to confirm clearing schedules. If you require refunds faster than this schedule then please mail us with your order details and we will do all we can to speed the process for you.

RETURNS (how to)

To make a return simply click the returns link provided in the dispatch confirmation email we sent you and follow the instructions you will find there. 

Or you can go to

MIZCHI Pretty Small Shoes On-line Returns Portal

where you can easily notify us of your return and print off an address label

(address label is not pre-paid)




if you are unable to do any of the above or are having difficulties, then mail us at where we will be very happy to help you further.

When requesting your alternative, please specify the size and style you require on the returns note. If you would like to also e-mail direct as well that is also a please give your order number or delivery postcode as a reference if you can.


We are also happy to exchange shoes for another style and will usually do this with no extra charges for the subsequent delivery but reserve the right to limit the number of exchanges we make per order to 3 exchanges. We also reserve the right to apply new delivery charges to be paid before re-sending new styles. 



Fortunately we rarely make delivery mistakes but it does sometimes happen as human error can never be eradicated. However it does happen from time to time (only about c. 1:3000 deliveries at last count). Where this happens we we will cover the cost of return and also give you a suitable compensatory amount as as small apology and make any refunds or exchanges only after the wrongly sent shoes have been returned. In the event that you cancel an order during the order processing period (for both in-stock and made-to-order shoes), we will try to cancel and refund as soon as possible but customers should bear in mind that the production and delivery process involves several independent processes and third parties and that it may not always be possible to locate and intercept orders in time before shoes are dispatched to customers. In this case shoes will be sent to the customer as normal and they should then be returned as part of the standard returns process and terms. By agreeing to our terms and conditions you explicitly agree to this policy. That said, it only happens rarely and we always try very hard to out things right as soon as we possibly can.



We reserve the right to refuse any orders where there is evidence in our opinion of a pattern of excessive returns. We also reserve the right to charge any customer with a pattern of excessive returns a re-stocking fee of £20 per pair for every pair returned. We will not apply this charge retrospectively, it will only apply where we have contacted the customer before fulfilling an order to inform them that a re-stocking fee will apply if they choose to proceed with further order s (if they choose not to proceed, a full and immediate refund will be given). The judgement that a pattern of excessive returns behavior has emerged will be at the sole discretion of MIZCHI Pretty Small Shoes Ltd. 

If you have received an item as a gift, you may exchange it for a store credit to your PRETTY-SMALL-SHOES.COM account (you will need to register your details) if you can provide proof of payment/an order number from the original purchaser. The amount will be available to be deducted from your next purchase and has no time limitation. Please be aware that you may need to pay any cost difference, additional shipping, taxes and import duties. .

We can accommodate some special alterations on calf and knee length boots. If you would like to have any special alterations (there are specific instructions for this on most boots pages) then call or mail us and we will do all that we can to help you with any changes you'd like. Also, any such alterations will mean that the boots will not be returnable for refunds or exchanges (unless in the unlikely event of a fault in manufacture). This is because any tailored items will not be suitable for re-sale. 

Note: When you give us your calf measurements for tailored fit boots then the boots you receive will match your calf measurements on the INSIDE of the boots.

Your refund will either be credited to the original purchaser's credit card or PRETTY-SMALL-SHOES.COM account and will exclude shipping costs, where paid,(with the exception of faulty items and where refunds of shipping are requested which is sometimes valid for non made-to-order items bought in the UK). Refunds will be normally be applied within c.15 working days of the shoes return. 

If you require refunds faster than this schedule then please mail us with your order details and we will do all we can to speed the process for you.

Outside the EU, importation customs duties are non-refundable through PRETTY-SMALL-SHOES.COM as it is not us who apply the charges. However, you may be able to recover these by contacting your local customs bureau directly.

Returns outside the time frames detailed above may be accepted at the discretion of PRETTY-SMALL-SHOES.COM but can only be refunded as a store credit. Call or mail us to discuss.

All shoes should be tried on a carpeted surface before you decide to keep them as any items that are marked and/or dirty on return will not be illegible for return. 


All items must be wrapped for safe return, individually wrapped in tissue (to avoid rubbing or contact during transit) in the same way they were delivered to you. Any items that arrive back damaged as a result of inadequate wrapping will not be illegible for return.


Where shoes are returned for exchange and in the intervening period prices have changed (up or down), shoes will be exchange with no additional charges or refunds. In the event that exchange shoes are at lower prices refunds to match promotional prices on a like for like basis will be given on request.

Goods are classified as faulty if they are received damaged, or where a manufacturing fault occurs within 3 months of purchase. Please note that items that are damaged as a result of wear and tear are not considered to be faulty. If you would like to exchange a faulty item, please be aware that we can only replace it for the same product in the same size, subject to availability. Where possible, we will opt to repair faulty items as a first step.


`squeaky` shoes

Shoes that squeak at the beginning of wear are common and normally stop after a few wears as they stretch. Speedier remedies known to work are varied but the most popular is to sprinkle a little talcum powder/baby powder into the shoe (at customers own risk). We would suggest that this be tried first and that they be worn a little longer to `break them in before any return or further investigation is initiated.



Our showroom in Bloomsbury, London as notified on our website and in our emails since June 2018 permanently closed on the 16th of November 2018.


Due to a combination of the continued rapid growth of our on-line business and the ending of our current lease at the London premises we will be closing our shop to focus solely on our website sales.
It is a genuine pity to do so as we have very much enjoyed meeting everyone who visited us and serving customers was a great way to gain incite into the kinds of shoes you would like to buy.
However, in common with many fashion retailers we have found that the move from shop sales to on-line is unrelenting and we have to respond to customers needs, and whilst there are customers who certainly prefer to buy in-store the vast majority now opt for on-line shopping.
We work very hard to bring you the world's best and biggest range of high fashion small size shoes and to make sure that we are able to do this we are from November 2018 going to be totally focused on delivering you the very best ON-LINE service that we can. As a result of this focus we will also complete a move to our new state of the art packing and dispatching facility where we can give you the very best service and ensure we get your petite shoe purchases to you in as accurate and timely fashion possible. 

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