Frequently Asked Questions


Can I return my shoes for a refund or exchange?

You can send any shoes back for refund or exchange for up to 30 days from the date you receive them as long as they remain in un-worn condition!

For more information, see our "Returns" page.

How do i choose the correct size for me?

Sizing with us is really easy. We list size all options as UK/USA/EU and the actual length in millimeters. To choose by actual length all you need to do is first measure your feet and choose the correct size on our site. Check out our 'Size Guide' section on our website for full instructions.  

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How do i make an order?

Ordering is simple and easy.


Browse the site for the shoes you'd like and select the size/color/heel option you want from the tabs on the product page.


Then click the `Add to cart` button and follow the on screen instructions.


You will need a bank card or Paypal account to make payment and you will be asked to input them at the end of the process.



If you would like to make an order over the telephone, you can call our support team on


Tel: 0044 (0) 1223 776056


08:00 – 18:00 Monday - Friday


09:00 – 13:00 Saturdays


Closed Sundays and bank holidays

How do I change an order or make an exchange?

You can cancel or change any order before it is dispatched to you. All you need to do is contact us by email or telephone and give us your instructions.

If you want to return or exchange any shoes you will find full instructions on how to do this on your delivery note which will be with your shoes when you receive them.

Can I customise my shoe designs?

we are sometimes able to offer customization for our styles this is not
guaranteed and there are usually additional costs for the reasons detailed in
the explanatory paragraphs below,


can ask the shoemakers for you if they will consider minor alteration requests,


-              change colour/leather (from photo
example on another style – no swatches supplied for approval)

-              change heel height

-              odd size pair request

-              remove decoration feature

-              add/remove ankle strap

-              etc




if they say they might be able to accommodate you

will make your customised shoes


the following will apply



-              there can be no returns accepted
(except for non-minor faults)

-              the shoes would have to be bought
at full retail price (plus no voucher code can be used)

-              there would be a customisation
fee of c. £30 -50 +, in addition to the purchase price subject to confirmation
by the shoemakers

               (this is usually around £35 for
non standard material requests as an example)


let us know by emailing us on if you would like to go ahead with any customisation

we can then discuss in more detail


How are your shoes priced ?

It's true they are not low cost. This is because they are all individually hand made. Women with small feet are less than 1% of the adult population and so mainstream manufacturers do not find it profitable to make shoes in these sizes.

The only way we have found to be able to deliver a wide range of contemporary styles (which is the main thing small feet women cry out for) is by offering hand-made shoes.

Unfortunately it is pure economics that drives the prices. Since only 1% of  women have petite feet the numbers of customers that brands can sell to is very small. If you consider that it might cost c.£3000+ to do the basic development for a style and that where a mainstream brand might be confident of selling 2-3 thousand pairs in a year in that style we have to face the fact that many of our styles will never sell more than 100 pairs in a year. So you can easily see how short run production means prices have to be higher

On the other hand this does mean, you do get a very well made, good looking shoe with on-trend styling. We have over 750 styles on offer and over 20,000 options when you include alternative heel height and color choices.

Another issue in relation to our hand made product is that you can be certain that there are no `sweatshop` issues on the manufacture side as all of the workshops we use have, by necessity, well paid, highly skilled workers producing our shoes. We hope this helps to explain the price point. 

Do you give sizing advice on the product pages?

We test all style sizing's during development and also check the feedback history on each shoe. When we do get a number of feedbacks with the same details we publish customer thoughts on the product pages but since we manufacture to standard sizing in the main this does not happen very often.
It's worth noting that style and toe shape can often have a bigger influence on fit than sizing and that since individual people with the same size foot can have very different toe shapes (ie both size 2 but one person has long toes and another has short toes) this can be a bigger factor and so general advice on a product page is not so useful in this case.


How long does delivery take?


(estimated - not guaranteed)

In-stock shoes

UK/ROI                       - c.2-3 business days 

INTERNATIONAL     - c.5-10 business days                                                                                                                                                                        


UK/ROI                    - c.14 business days 

INTERNATIONAL   - c.21 business days

PLEASE NOTE: SPECIFIC DELIVERY DATES ARE NOT GUARANTEED: Because the shoes are mostly hand made to order in various international locations and have to clear customs both in the UK before we can dispatch to you and clear again for any international locations, we cannot guarantee delivery dates. Most shoes arrive very close to the estimated times (sometimes a little earlier, sometimes a little later) but please understand those timings are only estimates, we never give guarantees. the best option is to order early. We hope this helps and explains the general situation with deliveries of hand made shoes.
If you require shoes for a specific date (wedding events, proms etc) then you are strongly advised to contact us first to check the likely date of delivery before you order to avoid disappointment.

Please also note: if you have mixed in-stock and hand-made-to-order items in your order we will wait until all items are ready for shipment and send them together in one dispatch.

How much is the delivery cost?

Delivery is £6.50 for Uk and £15.00 for international deliveries.

The delivery charge is the same no matter matter how many pairs you order at any one time.

Return delivery cost is paid by the customer but we do not charge you for any additional delivery costs when you make an exchange (see full terms here)

YES! Delivery back to you for up to 3 exchanges is FREE!! 

Can I get fast delivery for a specific date (eg wedding or prom)?

Unfortunately we are not able to offer fast delivery services and can only deliver shoes in the approximate times already quoted.

Whilst all of our shoes are individually hand made, they are produced according to semi-factory processes and we are not able to take orders out of the production queue and accelerate delivery times.

The only safe way to order shoes for a specific date is to order well in advance.

For all estimated delivery times click here

Please note: our delivery times are expressly NOT guaranteed and are estimates only. However, we do deliver within these estimated times pretty much 95% of the time and often even earlier. 


What payment methods do you accept?

We accept all major credit and bankers cards along with Paypal. Bank transfer payments can be accepted by arrangement. 

You can also pay by installments if you register with the installment options you will see in the checkout

We do not offer cash-on-delivery and at the current time do not have any credit or payment-by-installment options.

We take payment in advance at the point or purchase for all orders.

What is the Returns and Refunds Policy

Quick Answers

- return anything in unworn condition up to 30 days later

- refunds processed c. 15 days from return

- you can exchange for alternative sizes and styles and we will send them to you with free delivery

- if you have any problems we will work very hard to make them right

- full terms and conditions are here 


How can I get in touch with you?

We can be contacted by the following


if you want to contact us by telephone you can request a call back on the email above

We usually answer all emails within 1 business day (generally much sooner)

If you think you have not received a reply from us it is always wise to check your `spam` folder first as our mail to you may have gone there.

If you already have an order then please include your order number (or at least your full name) as this makes it much easier to help you with any queries