Frequently Asked Questions


If the shoes are not what I expected, or if they don't fit me well, what should I do?

You can send the shoes back to us to exchange size or style or for a full refund! If you chose to send the shoes back, please use the returns form enclosed. This ensures that your request is efficiently and speedily dealt with.

For more information, see our "Returns" page.

Where are my shoes made?

The shoes are custom made by our network of hand shoes makers from various international locations.

How long will my shoes take to arrive?

All of the hand-made-to-order shoes on site are quoted at c. 14 business days delivery UK/ROI and c. 21 business days for international orders. 

Any in-stock items are usually dispatched in c. 1 business days.

However, if you have mixed items in your order we will wait until all items  are ready for shipment and send them together in one dispatch.

If I need the shoes by a certain date (for my wedding, party or event) what should I do?

The best thing is to contact us ASAP and tell us what shoes you want and by when. If you're in luck and we have the specific shoes you want in stock we will ship it off to you that day. If it is not in stock and needs to be a 'Special Order' then if may take up to 14 days (21 if you are outside the uk) and we can perhaps organize to get the shoes delivered straight from our supplier (though this usually costs extra and may only speed the process by as little as 2-3 days) . We can also make suggestions to alternative shoes that we have available now and send them to you to try on with your outfit. Please note: delivery times are NOT guaranteed and are an estimate only. We do deliver in these times pretty much 95% of the time though and often earlier. 

I am not too sure what petite size I am

Sizing with us is really easy. All you need to do is measure your feet and choose the correct size on our site. Check out our 'Size Guide' section on our website.  


How much delivery cost to get to the US? Outside of the United Kingdom or... Anywhere

Delivery is £6.50 for Uk and £15.00 for international deliveries. The delivery charge is the same no matter matter how many pairs you order at any one time. Delivery back to you for up to 3 size exchange shoes is FREE!! 

If I buy more than one pair of shoes, would I be charged extra delivery fees?

Delivery is £6.50 for Uk and £15.00 for international deliveries. The delivery charge is the same no matter matter how many pairs you order at any one time. However, Delivery back to you for up to 3 size exchange shoes is FREE!! 


Can I pay with PayPal

Yes, you can. (in fact our checkout is powered by Paypal technology)  Just click pay option to Paypal during the checkout process.

Do you have a catalogue to send me

Sorry we have No catalogue. All our products are feautured online though and the site is updated every week. 

How do I use my store credit for another purchase?

If you have a store credit you can place your order as you normally would. Since you will not be able to redeem it in our shopping cart, please put your store credit number (actually your original order number that the credit remains on) in the `special delivery requirements` section of the order form and it will be refunded as soon as possible (usually within 1 working day) after the order is processed. Alternatively you can call us to make your order and we can take payment over the phone for any shoe, minus the value of your credit. 

I live outside of the United Kingdom and I need to know the currency conversion

There is a currency converter on the site (on the left hand side of the top menu bar)
You can also check out this website where you can find the exchange rate for your currency 

What is the Returns and Refunds Policy

Quick Answers

- return anything in unworn condition up to 30 days later

- refunds processed c. 14 days from return

- you can exchange for alternative sizes and styles and we will send them to you with free delivery

- if you have any problems we will work very hard to make them right

- full terms and conditions are here 


What if I need to get in touch with you about my order?

After you have placed an order with us, you will automatically receive a confirmation email. Your order number will be the 4 digit number at the end of your order code (you will see this in the subject line of the e-mail we send you and on your invoice. Please save it because you will need to reference it if you have questions about your purchase. 

The order code will look like this and the last SIX digits (we have underlined in the exampe to make it clear) will be your order number

Order Number: XX59ST2000342375

use these details when you e-mail or call us