Everything You Need To Know about what to wear with petite black high heels

Black comprises everything. So does white. They possess absolute beauty: they are in perfect harmony .

—Coco Chanel

Definition: Monochrome describes drawings, design, or photographs in one colour or values of one color.


A Monochromatic theme has been used in art and design for hundreds of years. We can first trace this trend back to the 1920’s when Coco Chanel created the infamous little black dress. The LBD has stood the test of time, taking a colour normally associated with mourning to creating a timeless look that strips down all the fuss.

Black comprises everything. So does white. They possess absolute beauty: they are in perfect harmony . —Coco Chanel


The 1960s arrived. Traditional girly clothing had gone and was quickly replaced by a new era of fashion along with breaking free from the shackles of conforming. Women drank more, took drugs and partied just as hard as their male counterparts. Sharp bobs for hair styles and even sharper winged eyeliner. Think Twiggy, Patti Boyd and Edie Sedgwick.

The Mods we notably one of the biggest fashion trends the western world had ever seen. Shift dresses that showed more leg, angular shapes, geometric

patterns and optical illusions. Most opted for these to be in, you guessed it Monochrome. For our take on 60s Monochrome shoes take a look at BAMBI sling backs and our SABB pumps


“The most colorful thing in the world is black and white, it contains all colors and at the same time excludes all.”
Vikrmn, 10 Alone

The 1970s saw the monochrome trend still strong but this time paired with flares, tassels and anything sequinned. The feminine cinched in waist had returned and platform shoes were a massive hit and we still love a good platform – have a look at our PROUD platforms

Don’t be fooled though, the 70’s were a time of great change, racial integration was full force and disco music was a great place for ethnic minorities and gay people to let their hair down (or comb your afro out) think studio 54, Saturday night fever and Donna Summer.

Let’s not forget the punks! Mohawks, biker boots and lots of monochrome chequer print and it wasn’t just for the males.

See our ONE O ONE ankle boots, we think they are a great modern take on the punk look:

Channel your inner Vivienne Westwood!

Welcome to the 1980s! When mobile phones were bigger than your handbag and Spitting Image was Primetime TV. We also had hugely influential artists such as Keith Haring. He loved to create bold fun images normally in bright colours but often used a monochrome theme. His work was used all over the globe and was an inspiration to many. The 80’s was about having fun in a time of political uncertainty. And as always, fashion was a great way to make a statement.

Shoulder pads made a big entrance as did big hair! Monochrome in the fashion world was still huge, you might remember the Katherine Hamnetts “Choose Life” t-shirts famously worn by the likes of George Michael amongst others. Monochrome was now big, loud and graphic. Statement tees like this have stayed around ever since. Shoes were just as loud but nearly always with a sharp pointed toe. Take a look at these 80’s inspired monochrome shoesaringHarin

Hello 1990’s! We saw the return of the platform shoe thanks to the Spice Girls. Talking of the Spice Girls, girl Power was HUGE and every girl wanted a Polly Pocket – major choking hazard? The fashion was a little bit of everything of times gone by kind of rolled into one.



Our TOO GOOD platform sneakers are a great throwback to the 90s!


Or how about SACHA

Monochrome stripes, polka dots and shell suits were all the rage combining feminine with sportswear.

So Here we are in the present day. Instagram is the social media app of choice for most. Brexit is underway and Monochrome is back but it now has a sleek modern look. The minimal look is in and focuses on textures and materials. Shoppers are savvy and want a shoe that can be worn for multiple occasions.

We have selected a pair of styles to help our Pretty Small Shoes customers find the perfect pair of modern monochrome…



Bramare is one of our bestselling courts, available in an array of colours however you just can’t go wrong with black. Black suede to add a touch of elegance and black patent add that little bit of playful fun to the classic court.

Wanting the height but not the stiletto? Bittersweet and Aspire are great options for those chunky heel lovers.

The velvet adds that unusual texture not normally found on shoes and if opting for the jewelled Aspire version, you are instantly glammed up for the night with no extra colour needed.

petite shoe choices by Ashleigh