MIZCHI - Pretty Small Shoes - Reward Points


We are very sorry to announce that due to general shoe manufacture price increases we are no longer able to afford to offer scheme discounts on our made to order shoes (in-stock items will continue to be offered at generous discounts). We are very sorry to have to take this step but to remain a viable business and continue to serve you we must preserve a viable operating profit margin.

The points scheme will close according to the following sequence.

  1. February 11th the award of points for all non-purchase activities will end.

  2. February 29th the award of points for shoe purchases will end.

  3. March 31st the on-site app will close for points redemption.

  4. After the on-site app closes you will still be able to redeem any remaining valid points you have manually for 6 months by emailing us at orders@pretty-small-shoes.com to request voucher codes.

  5. From March 31st the available manual redemption voucher options will be reduced to :-

    10% off voucher (1000 points) valid for all products (but excluding MIZCHI Limited Edition Items) 

    15% off voucher (1500 points) for in-stock/sale items only (but excluding MIZCHI Limited Edition Items)

  6. From August 30th the scheme will close completely.

    Reminder: the following existing scheme rules will continue to be applied till scheme end.

    All points/vouchers unused after 12 months are automatically voided for redemption.

    Points/Vouchers are not valid for customers who have not made any full price, unrefunded orders past the return deadline in the previous 18 months.

Vouchers/points/voucher codes are voided if the items bought using them are returned or refund

You can carry over for credit items bought using vouchers a maximum of 1 time. 

We thank you for your understanding regarding these changes and we are sure you will agree that we all want to ensure that MIZCHI Pretty Small Shoes can continue to be able to offer high fashion individually hand made shoes for petite feet into the coming years.

Pretty Small Shoes Team.