For all orders we charge just £6.50 delivery to UK/ROI, and £15.00 to Europe and Worldwide.

*For style exchanges delivery to you is also FREE, though if you exchange to another style we may in some circumstances ask for additional delivery fees (ie if you exchange more than 3 times on 1 order).

We always aim to deliver your order to you as soon as possible (c. 3-5 business days for \UK and ROI orders  and 7-10 days internationally if you have bought an in stock item). However the majority of our shoes are hand made to order for you and in these circumstances we will usually send your order to you in about 14-18 WORKING DAYS if you are in the UK/Europe and up to 21-28 WORKING DAYS for Rest Of The World orders (sometimes customs take longer to clear items than normal when they get to the destination country) International orders however are generally received in under 21 WORKING DAYS. 
Please also note: if you have mixed `in-stock` and `hand-made-to-order` items in your order we will wait until all items are ready for shipment and send them together in one dispatch.

PLEASE NOTE: SPECIFIC DELIVERY DATES ARE ABSOLUTELY NOT GUARANTEED: Because the shoes are hand made to order in various international locations and have to clear customs in the UK before we can dispatch to you we cannot guarantee delivery dates. Most shoes arrive very close to the estimated times (sometimes a little earlier, sometimes a little later) but please understand those timings are only estimates, we never give guarantees. The best option is to order early.
We hope this helps and explains the general situation with deliveries of hand made shoes.
If you require shoes for a specific date (parties, proms and so on) then you are strongly advised to contact us first the check the likely date of delivery before you order to avoid disappointment. The only safeguard against delays is to ORDER WELL IN ADVANCE.

You must inform us within 21 working days if the goods are lost or damaged in transit so that we can make a prompt claim against the delivery company and correct the problem. Please quote your order number in all correspondence.
Please note: we will not be able to refund any lost orders before either they are confirmed as lost by the relevant courier or have been untraceable by the courier for 30 days.

`Un-signed for` services and lost or stolen goods

where customers have opted for an un-signed delivery they do so at their own risk and couriers may leave parcels at their discretion in a `safe place`. Any theft, loss or damage to your goods or parcel resulting from this arrangement will not be replaced, refunded or credited by Pretty Small Shoes Ltd

Important notice
We primarily use Royal Mail and DHL/DPD to courier your shoes to you. Once we pass your items to any courier our ability to influence their performance becomes very limited and our responsibility for any items that may be delayed or lost (thankfully a quite rare occurrence) is zero. Please be aware that we are unable to cancel or refund any order that may be delayed or lost once in the hands of our couriers and that it may take up to 30 days from loss notification for any items to be declared officially lost and become eligible for refund. By agreeing to our terms and conditions at checkout you explicitly agree to accept these delivery terms. That said, our experience is that Royal Mail (and any national post office they hand off to for international deliveries) are in practice very reliable and less than 1% of deliveries experience significant delays and an even smaller percentage are lost. Furthermore, we will do all we can to help resolve any difficulties as they arise but customers must bear in mind the above mentioned limitations to our control of couriers performance and responsibility for delays or losses.


Our showroom in Bloomsbury, London as notified on our website and in our emails since June 2018 permanently closed on the 16th of November 2018.


Due to a combination of the continued rapid growth of our on-line business and the ending of our current lease at the London premises we will be closing our shop to focus solely on our website sales.
It is a genuine pity to do so as we have very much enjoyed meeting everyone who visited us and serving customers was a great way to gain incite into the kinds of shoes you would like to buy.
However, in common with many fashion retailers we have found that the move from shop sales to on-line is unrelenting and we have to respond to customers needs, and whilst there are customers who certainly prefer to buy in-store the vast majority now opt for on-line shopping.
We work very hard to bring you the world's best and biggest range of high fashion small size shoes and to make sure that we are able to do this we are from November 2018 going to be totally focused on delivering you the very best ON-LINE service that we can. As a result of this focus we will also complete a move to our new state of the art packing and dispatching facility where we can give you the very best service and ensure we get your petite shoe purchases to you in as accurate and timely fashion possible.

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